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My name is Darnell McAdams and I was born and only child in Cleveland Ohio to a father who made a career serving in the Air Force and a mother from the South who made it her first priority to instill respect, hard work, and love into her child, while not only holding down multiple jobs, but also creating a home environment that anyone would be proud of.  

After starting in the workforce at the age of 14 bagging groceries, I never looked back. Working every job a student could do from fast food to sales associate and many things in between, it wasn't until going to college at the University of Washington that I found my artistic side. It started with poetry and after dropping out of college my sophomore year and living on my own, I developed a strong love for the art of cooking.  Without any real drive to master the art and a need for money, I started and excelled in a career as a technician fixing everything from process chillers to industrial scales, a bit of an art in itself. 


My passion for photography came about in 2013 after competing on a cable reality show and realizing that my true worth was realized on and around the camera. There was something about capturing moments in time that really resonated with my soul, partly because along the way both of my parents passed away, but also because it was the form of art that made my heart really smile. It was from those years of teachings, failures, and life lessons that in 2017 Raw Glass Photography was born. 

Since then the maturation process has been quick.  Shooting numerous things including portraits, weddings, fashion shows, plays, music videos, movies, and even a PGA Tour tournament! My true skills have been actualized and I feel that my passion shows in my work!

No one is bigger than the community that supports them which is why I also have donated my time and expertise to schools, events, and individuals in order to promote that sense of family that I was raised to have.

If you're looking to hire someone who has the eye, passion, and skill to tackle your photo and video needs, look no futher than our team here at Raw Glass!

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